Suite Of FX Solutions

As specialists in foreign exchange, our FX solutions are designed to provide our clients with access to competitive exchange rates, market-leading expertise and bespoke hedging strategies.

Spot Contract

A spot contract is an agreement for you to buy currency at current exchange rate. If you are looking to purchase currency & make a payment imminently, then a spot contract could be perfect for you to take advantage of a favourable rate.

Forward Contract

A forward contract is an agreement for you to buy currency on an agreed future date at a fixed exchange rate. This allows you to take advantage of a favourable rate at present for your future trade (for up to 2 years).

Marker Orders

If you need a particular exchange rate but have no urgency to purchase straight away the two types of Market Orders – a limit order and a stop loss order could help.

Mass Payments

Streamline your payments process and pay hundreds of suppliers in one single batch with direct file uploading, saving you time and money.

Currency Accounts

Give your clients and suppliers the option to pay you in 30 currencies. Hold accounts in: UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Canada, US and Hong Kong without a local presence.

Online Trading Platform

The platform gives you quick, easy & simple account management 24/7. It provides you with immediate control of your account anywhere in world giving you everything you need to accelerate your business.

About Us

Pinnacle Global Payment Solutions provides one platform for cross-border payments and currency exchange. The online platform gives you access to our global banking network and innovative technology in one place, allowing you to streamline your processes, remove complexity and increase efficiency. 


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